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Resume Writing
Interview Skills
Communication Skills

Presentation Skills
Personal Brand
Confidence Building

Negotiating your pay
Prioritisation & Organisation
Team Work

Why Be Job Ready?​

A recent article by ABC News highlighted that one in four students leave high school without completing year 12, often with no clear direction of pathway that lies ahead of them. the figures don’t get any better once you are out of school and in between jobs.

Learning the skills to give you the edge and empower you to get the job that you want will be the best investment in time you will ever make.

→The Job Ready Training empowers and supports individuals to increase their chances of getting job they desires.

→The Job Ready Program will equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence requirement for positive entry into today’s workplace.

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We all know that in today’s world without tickets and qualifications it is becoming extremely challenging to earn a living. Laws are forcing individuals to upskill, re-train and obtain necessary qualifications. The job market is favouring individuals that have more than one qualification. Read More

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